Brush Your Ideas: Array of web-to-print software solutions for various products. It is a platform independent product designer tool, web2print store builder, and web-to-print ERP solutions.

What is Brush Your Ideas All About?

A research conducted by Smithers Pera – a Digital Label & Packaging expert proved that by the year 2019, the Market will have more than 200 billion A4 prints. This number shows the effect of web to print technology and how businesses all over the world are embracing it. Amazon too, has jumped into this bandwagon by getting an approval for its patent on Apparel Manufacturing and Warehousing.
BrushYourIdeas Web-to-Print Storefront Solutions
If you want to join the carnival of Web to Print technology, Brush Your Ideas is the platform you must go through. And if you already have an ecommerce store in place, all you need is a demo of our feature rich product design tool. Often, the companies willing to carve their niche in ecommerce business with web to print capabilities need a development partner. This partner, should have an experience in both, web to print and ecommerce.
Brush Your Ideas can help you carve this niche by offering you with ready solutions and web to print storefronts that are perfect for Startup and Enterprise level businesses.

Web to Print Stores for Enterprises

Factors like scalability and security stand of utmost importance when it comes to expanding a large-scale business. Brush Your Ideas provides with a B2C enterprise plan with a hosted solution made using the combination of Magento community edition and ecommerce theme.
The web to print e-stores we provide entail features that enable you to manage discount, analytics and create analytical reports. It also works perfectly for startups.
Now let’s take a look at the features that are dedicated for Enterprise Businesses:

Integration of BYI with CRM

Just having a web-to-print designer tool does not suffice for a large enterprise. You need a robust backend support that helps you to manage your customers as well as key stakeholders. We also provide our customers with an add-on Enterprise Solution which comes with SuiteCRM integration.

Multiple Currency Support

Our solution already provides Multilingual support. The enterprise plan comes with an additional feature of multiple currencies.

Multiple Payment Gateways

The startup plan of Brush Your Ideas comes with a single payment gateway integration. The enterprise plan provides you with up to 3 payment gateways.

Google Tag Manager

Google Analytics stands of utmost importance in ecommerce. For managing a large business, it becomes important to track the tiniest details about visitors and their visits. With the help of Google Tag Manager, you can obtain detailed insights about number of clicks at CTAs, page depth, and event-based marketing communication without relying on the development.

White Label Solution & Dedicated Hosting

You can go for either the startup plan or the enterprise plan. We will provide you with dedicated hosting. The enterprise plan has white labeling features so that it doesn’t affect your branding.

Premium Support & Training

Through us, you can obtain 48 hours of set up assistance and 20 hours of training. Also, our Enterprise plan provides you with premium support features that are sure to fulfill your requirements.

Excellent Add-ons

Brush Your Ideas comes with some superior quality add ons including QuickBooks Integration and Survey Setup that works with your CRM.

Get What You Want

Imagine your kind of web to print storefront and we will build it for you! Check out our plans that provide you with necessary features and functionalities imperative for your web to print storefront.
Why not check out the demo and find out more about Brush Your Ideas? Get in touch with us at the earliest!

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