Brush Your Ideas: Array of web-to-print software solutions for various products. It is a platform independent product designer tool, web2print store builder, and web-to-print ERP solutions.

Web to Print Software - The Launchpad for Your Print eCommerce Business

Any businessmen would want to gain more profits and increase their customer base. It wouldn't matter which industry you belong to, let it be manufacturing or something from the service sector. The print industry has been developing since the industrial revolution. From the large printing presses to mobile printers, the industry has grown and evolved over time.

But if you are in the print industry operating in your locale and you want to penetrate into the world market, how would you do it? Scalability is the first concern and the other is how to reach the people in no time? Well, web to print software might be something what you need. Using the software you can overcome the location barrier and extend your business online too without much effort.

If you are an eCommerce entrepreneur looking to set up a print commerce business, your first concern would be to waste minimal time & effort in building your own online store from scratch. web to print software solution is one such tool which simplifies all these hassles. The software gives you wings to fly into the sky of e Commerce by providing you with ready to use store to help you launch into the web to print business. It is a readymade web to print store solution for all those who are not tech savvy for handling the development of an online store but want their way into the business of selling personalizable products.

How It Works?

With brush your ideas web to print design tool, all you need to do is share your portfolio stating your exact requirements. They would get it developed and build it as per your product preferences and your suggested customizations. The store is then handovered to you with a payment gateway integration and as it ready to launch you can simply add your products a and start selling them right away! Let us see some features of the web to print software:

Storefront Features

The store is fully responsive which enables it to work with any device. The storefront solution gives your store an elegant theme and it would also be optimized for search engines which would rank your store pages well on google search. The tool gives your store higher scope of reaching the people as it comes up with multilingual support and coupon management. It shows your customers the best selling products and products can be sorted on numerous criteria.


Server Setup and Security

With the web to print solution you get support for finalization of a suitable domain name and for setting up a powerful and a fast server for your eCommerce store. Also, your existing database would get backed up and you can schedule regular backups. Numerous strong security solutions are provided to your store for fraud monitoring and you also get analytics of your store trends.

Admin Management

Your store products can be managed using the catalogue management by which you can multiple variants of products by linking them with the products as associated products. Prizes of products can be managed in accordance of its design. A provision of displaying the out of stock products is also included. With the product inventory check feature you can place sales orders as and when required. It also includes a low stock alert which notifies you prior to any product getting out of stock. Keep a track of customer orders with ease and get them shipped when it's ready to ship. You can also accept or reject orders, customer reviews and manage viable customer information.

Customer Account

Customers can manage their profile and modify their accounts as the store gets a dedicated customer area. Your customers can also keep the track of current orders and all the orders till date. It also gets the feature of returning any product if it matches the admin return policy. They can also review & rate the ordered items and share products with their friends on the social media. The store would also include a feature of comparing products by adding multiple products to a list.


Analytical Reports

Configure your admin dashboard as per your business needs and you can also manage multiple stores from dashboard which enables you to get relevant order, product and customer details. Sales charts can be prepared with various customizable filters.

Data Migration & Value Added Services

Your existing database of customers and products can be merged with your new stores database as per your requirements. Some enhanced value addition features can also be provided to you as per your needs. These features include : mobile admin store management, facebook store development, delivery date scheduler, quickbooks integration, Xero integration, abandoned cart recovery, 3rd party extension integration.

And your web to print store will be powered by a comprehensive brush your ideas’ design suite full of powerful features to transform your store into a digital studio, where the products can be designed and can be instantly sent to printing. The categories of customizations includes apparels, cards, gifts, mobile & laptop skins and posters & signs. Brush your ideas’ web to print software is a complete solution to all your dilemmas.

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Why Web To Print Store Software is Crucial for Your Business?

565250350_1280x720 Too many reasons to worry about when you own a business. And to deal with the competition is the key to survival in the industry. The competition has transformed the paths of conducting businesses and has induced various technological innovations. The store proprietors need to give their customers more and more to keep them interested. One of the most troublesome problems faced by these store keepers is the geographical barrier. Being located in one of the particular corners of a city, its operational area is limited. They even tend to find it difficult to manage their relationships with their customers. The problems are too many. And the customers always want something more attractive on offer so that they are interested! The fashion of the era is the online presence. Even the governments and their leaders and few terrorist organisations have invested in the online presence because they all have realized that it is the cheapest and the most powerful medium to connect with people. The eCommerce boom has been the most iconic revolution our world has witnessed.

Throttle Your Business

It is realised that the presence is needed but the question is how and why do we need to get online! Well both these questions have lot of insights. It is a necessity because it throttles your business, it gives you an opportunity to serve more customers. It builds a better relationship with them as they get their grievances sorted at ease. Their overall shopping experience itself becomes overwhelming. It adds a brand value to your store. The design of the website, the way it looks is appealing and creates a brand identity in front of the people. In short your store is not just a store but some value is added to it and the brand itself speaks for your store. It helps your revenue by attracting more and more customers as it becomes easy to market your store online. The other question is how to make this a happen if you do not have technical knowledge regarding the development of a website for your already existing store or if you are an entrepreneur looking to get your first step into this field with some innovative ideas using web to print, but do not have enough time to invest in the development of your store? Well, web to print store software gives you more than what you need!

Your Store, Your Direction

With all the gadgets of a readymade online store like an elegant and appealing design, security and safety from external threats, a server and a domain; the web to print shop software provides you with a choice. A choice of customizing your store as per your requirements. The process is simple, all you have to do is send them your requirements and they take care of the rest. A readymade store where you can add your products and start selling right away!

Impeccable User Experience

The store leaves your customers in relief as they don't have to get into the offline shopping hassle, saving their time. And the product design tool is the USP of the store as it gives the users a unique platform where they are provided a digital canvas on which they can craft their ideas which can be printed using your store. These tends to gives a personalized flavor to your users.

Break the Shackles & Gain More

Your business generates more revenue when the barriers are dodged. To gain higher heights, you need to break all the shackles. The online store with its unique features and amenities attends your customers in a pleasant manner. The manner in which they want to be attended. The various customizable features in the web to print shop software increases the traction and eventually increases the overall revenue.

Print Marketplace: The Evolution and Effects on Margin

The term marketplace is usually referred to a web-based module where a vendor can sign up and initiate offering their items. On one hand, visitors or buyers can obtain various competitive rates for a similar product. And on the other hand, the e-commerce firm operating the marketplace mostly secures commission charge from each sale.

Benefits of E-Commerce Marketplace

We are well acquainted with worldly renowned e-commerce marketplaces such as Amazon and Alibaba as well as the domestic platforms similar to ASOS, Walmart, etc. This might be the digital way to offer standard goods with more discounts, and, at times publish customized launch offers on a specific portal.

To illustrate, smartphone manufacturer giant OnePlus launches its new mobile phones on Amazon; this way, consumers can only purchase it online and not from physical stores.

We have seen online shopping portals are becoming the optimum platform for bargain deals, new product launches, heavy discount sales, seasonal product and buy-now-and-pay-later schemes.

Moreover, conveniences such as return policy, exchange policy, cash-on-delivery, etc. may work well in the long run to attract unconventional buys online.

At present, people are inured to order products like electronics, furniture, garments, medicines, footwear and books from websites. Often, these products are offered at heavy discounts and with other bundle offers.

Printing Marketplace

After this brief about a standard marketplace, let us try to imitate similar scenario for the printing marketplace, wherein some vendors are promoting it as a major tool to win large print orders.

Many of the trade printers wish to provide online printing services to their reseller and designer. While many software organizations want to offer online web to print based mechanism for printers to upload their print product and earn commission on every sale. Such companies will list all printers across the country and publish printing rates for the users to choose the lowest possible rates offered in their locale.

Finally, the web to print online editor vending company opts to integrate its web to print solution with the marketplace. Their key objective is to push their editor and charge thousands more to present customers with magneto based open source marketplace for print.

The above described concept sounds good and sells, the print product often does not. In most scenarios, the printer gets carried away and spends millions for this type of open source print marketplace. Though, printer does not foresee how it can be applied to print, as it is not a standard product with standard specifications and fixed price.

Printing Marketplace Scenarios

Web to print software is proposed to the printer with an idea that their re-seller can run an online printing website and generate orders, which is then sent to the printer for printing. This could provide them the authority to key their own print product and fix print rates with suitable margins as agreed between the two parties.

In some cases, web to print store is sold to investors as an idea to function online printing marketplaces where they expect to get sign up from printers across the globe and offer their print rates. When buyers select an item and area of residence, they will get a list of registered printers. For instance, if someone in New York searches for t-shirt printing, list of printers providing a variety of templates and style at competitive rates will get populated.

In both cases, comparison along with standard e-commerce marketplaces cannot be made, as, printing products are not standard; each of them requires multiple flexible option such as paper quality, printing formats, cuts, front/back printing, quantity, etc.

Once an order is placed, there can be many hindrances, for example, the product is not shipped directly. It first needs to be designed and then printed. There may or may not be money-back guarantee or cash on delivery unlike standard electrical product returns, since a dissatisfactory print order has the risk of being a total waste if the requirements are not perfectly matched.

Effects on Margin Due to Competition in Printing Marketplace

Printers who provide online printing to their resellers initially spend millions to create a common marketplace solution, which cannot be used easily by their resellers. So, re-seller margin is further reduced as they start giving the discount from their margin to procure online printing orders.

This triggers that the trade printers indirectly give a rise to competition among their own resellers. The race that whoever picks the order finally comes to the trade printer to get it printed at their B2B fixed rates fuels the unwanted competition.


The idea of discussing this topic is to create awareness in the printing industry that standard marketplaces cannot be blindly duplicated for printing. This holds true when aiming to boost individuals to earn more instead of offering to print at discounted rates.

Moreover, printers should always opt for genuine printing storefront solutions rather than opting for printing marketplace. This web to print storefront solutions may seem pricey but they can provide better design and print management with good customer support as well as training guidance.

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The Rise of Product Personalization E-commerce and The Rules for Success [Infographic]

“My way or the highway!” seems to be the mantra of online shoppers in today’s age.
Be it clothes, jewellery or shoes, they want to make a statement with everything they own. Millennials like to shop for items that reflect their personality and embrace their idiosyncrasies.
Gone are the days when customers had to choose from the available items on the online store. “Limited stock” “The item you have selected is out of stock” and “Sorry, we can’t seem to find what you are looking for!” are red flags and result into cart abandonments.
There is a dire need of bringing product personalization in every aspect of your ecommerce store. Several brands are enhancing the customer experience with e-commerce personalization and offering exactly what they are looking for. As a part of it, they are:
  • Offering unique buying experiences
  • Optimizing interactions
  • Building loyalty
  • Increasing engagement
By adapting latest technology advancements and adding product personalization tools, you can allow your customers to buy what they want. Need to know more about how product personalization evolved and the things you can do to enhance customer experience? Take a look at this infographic. the-rise-of-product-personalization-e-commerce-and-the-rules-for-success Original Post

T-shirt Design Tool: A Holy Grail for Online T-shirt Vendors!

In 1959, plastisol, a durable and stretchable ink was developed. It allowed more variety in design and brought a realization that being in T-shirt business could also be a money making venture. Since then, clothing industry all around the world started to make t-shirts with varied designs and creative concepts. Printing T-shirts involves managing several complex tasks: finding ongoing trends, designing, allocating it to printing labs etc. In addition to that, there are following hassles:
  • Unable to provide users a perfect interface to design their own products
  • Managing and creating customised clipart and fonts for each customer
  • Dependency on 3rd party software for converting canvas from PDF format to SVG
  • A perfect designer tool that is compatible with all devices
For end customers, it bestows a clean and stress-free user interface. Using, it even a non-technical user can operate and form desired looking t-shirt design within minutes. The following concepts fulfilled by T-Shirt designing software can be a game changer for your sales figures:





We do understand the significance of your customers and their needs & prerequisites. Thus, we have teamed in our superior efforts to design and develop excellent online T-shirt design software integrated with impressive aspects that can earn high volume of revenues. It is affordable, convenient and adaptable with entire web platform. Are you looking to purchase such tool for your physical store or E-store than we got right features!  

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Add More Guns to Your Armory With a T-Shirt Design Software

The young blood all over the world have always been fashion enthusiasts. Let it be a charming tag line from a movie or a naughty one liner or a heavy metal head would be wearing his favourite band's graphic t-shirt --they all want what they love on their t-shirts. The other segment is of the designers. This world is full of creative ideas but how many of these creations have actually been witnessed by the world? What these people need is a platform where they can create personalized printable designs.

The solution for all their troubles is a t-shirt design software. A t-shirt design tool is an extension which can be added to a web portal. This t-shirt design programs provide a customizable online portal, which typically is a canvas where the users can brush in their ideas and create designs.

This tool provides a solution to all those helpless entrepreneurs who wish to sell custom printed t-shirts, to all those online retailers who wish to add more guns to their armoury by adding a t-shirt printing business feature to their already established Magento stores. T-shirt printing business has the potential of creating an online community of t-shirt designers and t-shirt lovers.

What do these t-shirt printing programs provide?

Countless Customizations for your Customers

By adding a t-shirt designing tool for Magento, you can let your customers design amazing designs using the various texts and clip arts available in the tool and create the slogans and one liners of their desire. The tool also allows you to provide various other features like adding curves, shadows, multiple Colors, text outlines or shadows and much more!

Not just texts, even graphics can be created by designing sketches on the tool canvas. Pictures can be uploaded for personalized designing. Photos from social networking sites can also be added here and can be customized.

You can let designers sell their designs by letting them create their own designs and sharing their designs for others to use directly or let your customers manipulate these existing templates!  This tool is decent way of enticing the fashion enthusiasts and choosy customers.

Unique Selling Point!

To mark up a well recognized position in the web to print industry, one needs something special on offer to keep the customers indulged and steadily increase the customer base. The T-shirt design software has the uniqueness of letting your customers choose and create their customized designs which becomes your USP. It enables you to engage with maximum people out there.

Customizable Tool

The tool itself is customizable, which means that you can decide the prize of various features you provide and want your customers to exploit in accordance of the need and requirements.

Not just the prize, you can also customize the the templates, clip arts, the fonts etc of your store. You can also let your customers use the google fonts. Some t-shirt printing programs developing companies also develop the tool and customize it according to your needs and requirements.

Value Addition

Some of the the t-shirt designing tools go beyond the usual set of the product designer tools and they add value to the services you provide and takes it to a much higher level with a lucid user experience.

The features like responsive t-shirt design software which enhances usability; advanced template management feature which aids in uploading the bulk of designs created by you on your store which boosts the available customizable options for designers, full-screen view of the design studio adds to the user experience & the flexibility; social media sharing enables your customers to share and save their creations.

All these feature have the potential of expanding your customer base and overall revenue.


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