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What Customized Products Can You Sell at Your Ecommerce Product Store?

Well, there has been enough emphasis on why product personalization is a great idea and how you can go about it. But there’s still one more crucial question that needs some attention. And what’s that?

Let’s first go step by step to see how to sell personalized products online:

Step 1: Launch an additional segment to your already operational e-store.

Step 2: Decide on a business strategy on how you will operate the business.

Step 3: Make a list of products you plan to offer.

Step 4: Invest in online product design software.

Step 5: Marketing/Promotions.

Now let’s rewind and go back to Step 3 because while other things are generally on repeat, the discussion concerning this part is always lacking ears. We all now know that Customized products are a hit right now but the umbrella that covers ‘customized products’ is sufficiently wide and you will agree that just selling customized products is a vague idea which doesn’t actually answer ‘what to sell?’.

There’s more to personalization than the image of coffee mugs and key chains that automatically reflects in our minds while you hear the word. So, let’s play with this much ignored question today and try to jot down the things that you can customize and make money (Right on point!).


Make the most out of your product design tool by offering wide range of products to your customers. It’s not a rule to ditch the ordinary always but you wouldn’t know Edison today, if not for his experiments! You can always offer generic and regular products on your store but keep some scope for innovations. Why so much stress on innovation? Well, because the USP of your store can’t be the same as it is for other thousands of stores. You need to build up that USP yourself by providing what others can’t.

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