How to Increase Average Order Value of Your Web to print Store?

If you have a web-to-print store for some time now, you would know it’s no less than a constant struggle to keep it running in the first phase of its existence, yes, even later on. Once the effort dies, so does the ability to earn through a said medium. Anyway, back to the point. Even though proper marketing and other tactics work out to bring sufficient customers to the site, the next step seems to be more challenging to tackle. The scenario typical goes like this:
  • Everything is ready; your web to print shop is up for the customers.
  • The same tried and rather exploited marketing tactics goes into attracting  customers to the site.
  • You start making sales.
Pause. You start making sales but notice that your customers aren’t being generous with their shopping, and rather picking up a limited number of products every time. So, there’s a pause to the progress of your store here.
What now? Waiting is not a solution as the graphs aren’t going to improve magically. You need to make some efforts to encourage your customers to buy more, ultimately aimed to increase average order value of your web-to-print store.

Let’s then check out the tried but ‘not yet fully exploited’ ways to do so.
  1. Product Recommendation
  2. Free Shipping
  3. Effective Tools
  4. Membership Programs
  5. Up Selling
  6. Offers on Set Orders
  7. Offer Discounted Add-ons

Apart from all the tactics and techniques, one thing that is still crucial is to ensure that your store is using a customer friendly printing storefront solutions. Strategic offers combined with the user interface of your store are the ultimate duo you need overall to make sure your customers buy more and come back frequently! Happy Selling!

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