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Questions List to Establishing a B2C Web-to-Print Business

The world of web-to-print has two types of printers and storefronts. B2B (Business-to-Business) and B2C (Business-to-consumer). As B2C web-to-print has expanded in the retail space, it is used by online store owners to attract new customers and offer them with a personalized shopping experience. A B2C web-to-print business typically includes a print ecommerce tool using which the customers can design, edit and print products before adding them to the shopping cart. Once you start with a B2C venture, you will be making daily transactions with strangers. But before that, you need to ask yourself certain questions and make some considerations. In fact, there are a lot of them. Let us take a look at some of them. Superior technology offering is not enoughCreate an online marketing strategyDrive the right kind/amount of trafficWhom should I target?How should I make my online presence felt?Which products should I sell online?Who will help me to apply the marketing strategy?Is my business…

4 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Adopting a Web-to-Print Solution

You might be a commercial printer looking forward to help your clients by producing marketing materials for them or an ecommerce store owner wanting to offer customized products to your customer. Choosing a web-to-print solution can prove to be quite daunting. Especially when you are a start-up firm, a lot of considerations have to be made before investing into a solution like this. Pricing for these software is not always transparent. Some providers ask for monthly fees whereas others help you start with a basic plan and then move forward to higher pricing plans.
While choosing online web-to-print solutions, you need to discuss with your team and some of your end users and know their opinions about your decisions. Given below are the questions you need to ask yourself. 1. What basic features do I need?Before you mull over the price packages, you need to know if the tool befits your requirements. You definitely do not want to end up with a good for nothing software just because it was c…

how to start a t-shirt business?

Aspiring designers are often confident about embarking upon any business related to clothing industry. So if they are introduced to the industry of printing t-shirts, they think they will be able to handle everything smoothly. But when they actually start working on the new venture, they face hurdles and get stuck. Although such obstacles are small, they can pop up anytime during the entire process right from designing to printing. And when you are unaware about the full particulars related to t-shirt printing business, this is sure to happen.

We are quite aware of the fact that every designer has their own way of working and every print shop works on its own rules. But if your short term goal or dream is to have an t-shirt printing company of your own, we have come up with a step-by-step guide which might help you to establish your business and run it successfully.

Step 1: Create A Business Plan
Step 2: Decide on the ecommerce solution for your web store
Step 3: Purchase an online …

11 Features of Business Card Design Software to Take your business next level.

It is important for ecommerce store owners to be aware of the latest trends in their business. Keeping up with these trends helps you stay ahead of the competitors and promote your business to the right audience. If you are a company making advertising material, promotional products and gifts, you need something extraordinary to take your business to the next level.

Business cards and corporate advertising material are one such merchandise that can help you stay ahead of the competition. But when it comes to corporate materials, not everyone likes to use second-hand logos and common designs. In order to provide the freedom of designing customized business collaterals, you must invest in online business card design software. There are a number of features and functionalities you can provide your customers through business card design software. Let’s check out some of them.






How Can Your Customers Design Stickers Using Magento Product Designer Tool?

Stickers are one of the best advertising materials. This is because they look quite attractive, can be individually dyed and cut, can be stuck on anything and are also easily removable. A lot of people use vinyl stickers to decorate their surroundings. If you have a Magento based ecommerce gift store, and you can definitely offer customized stickers for your customers as they are affordable and available in an array of sizes, shapes and colours.
But in order to sell customized stickers, you need to provide a tool using which your customers can design stickers of their own choice. So how can your customers design stickers using the Magento product designer tool available on your ecommerce store? Let’s check out. Selecting categories/business designCorporate stickers can be provided based on different industries. Using your product designer tool, customers can adjust a background image or use different colours. You can provide with numerous themes on different pages. Once a design templat…